Welcome to Auto Transition

The Auto Transition Talent Community website responds to needs expressed by both auto manufacturing employees and businesses wanting to recruit from the talent pool exiting auto manufacturing:

  • a way for businesses and exiting auto manufacturing employees to connect
  • information about where employment opportunities are and will be in the next 2-3 years

It is a ‘One Stop Shop’ for information about employment, growth industries and occupations and services available to support transition to opportunities for impacted auto manufacturing employees.

It will also provide information about employment opportunities in the local and regional areas as we work with Local, State and Commonwealth Government as well as private investors to identify current and upcoming jobs (under the Pipeline Jobs section).

For employers, you can find out about and tap into the skills, knowledge and experience of employees exiting the auto manufacturing sector.

The website is funded by the Australian Government through the Growth Fund National Facilitator funding which supports Holden and Toyota and Victorian and South Australian Governments (for supply chain companies) in their programs for employees exiting the industry by the end of 2017.

The National Facilitator operates the site and each of Holden, Toyota, Victoria and SA administer their own sub-site so their information is always up-to-date. The National Facilitator works with employers wanting to post jobs or access the site to review the skills and experience of employees registered on the site as seeking employment prior to or at the time of the Industry closure in December 2017.

Please give any feedback on the site by Contacting Us. Any questions about programs supporting auto manufacturing employees can be directed to the contacts on the relevant sub-sites. Any questions from employers can be directed to Terry Kennedy on 0408 332 868